Modern treatment equipment without piping.

Dutch treatment equipment with built-in air and water supply. So no pluming required and no high additional costs. Save on piping, invest in equipment.
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Our Philosophy

No piping,

no costs.

The DSA Dental Stand Alone Units are ideal for setting up your practice, expanding quickly or using more capacity. The treatment unit is ready for immediate use: just plug it into the wall socket.

Developed for quality

High quality of our treatment concepts is our top priority. Every unit is expertly developed to perfection by our experts.

One socket suffices

With just one power point, your treatment unit is ready for use. DSA eliminates the need for piping. This simplifies the setup of your practice and increases business security.

Preventive Maintenance

For the annual maintenance of your treatment equipment, you can sign up for a service contract with us. Our technicians will then visit you every year for this preventive maintenance.

Handmade in Holland

DSA is a fully Dutch concept that is successful worldwide. The units are therefore produced in the heart of the Netherlands.


With more than 1700 practices in over 57 countries and dealers spread across the world, you can get to work with DSA all over the world.

Your practice from A to Z

Our advisors work together with you to determine the ideal layout of your practice. They take into account both your expertise and that of your staff, with the comfort of your patients in mind!

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Full practice setup

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The Power of DSA

The most beautiful form,

of maximum flexibility.

The idea is innovative and smart: a stand-alone treatment unit with spray water system that can be used directly in almost any space. No piping or renovation, one power point is sufficient.

Handmade in Holland, of the best quality, with metal exterior.

No Pipes

Low energy consumption, No renovation costs, No BA valve needed, 100% water quality, No cleaning agents in aerosols, Easy to move, Left- and right-handed
Low energy consumption and high durability, with parts close to home.
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