Modern treatment equipment without pipes

Dutch treatment equipment with built-in air and water supply. So no pipes and no high extra costs. Save on pipes, invest in equipment.

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Clever idea, perfect product

The idea is innovative and clever: a stand-alone dental unit with spray-water system that can be utilized directly in practically any room. Without any pipework or renovations, one power point is sufficient. The construction is of an excellent standard. The unit meets all guidelines and requirements and is technologically innovative and robust. The DSA Smart Dental Unit is the solution for enterprising dentists and practitioners who choose for flexibility and quality.

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The DSA Smart Dental Unit is an innovative dental unit with a closed spray-water system and built-in, low-noise air provision. This means that you can put the unit into use directly in practically any room. Without any expensive pipework or reno- vation. All you need is one power point. This makes it easy to fit up your practice. It enhances your operational reliability and ensures a considerable saving.

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No plumbing,

no costs

The DSA Smart Dental Units are ideal to fit out your practice, to expand it rapidly, or to mobilize more capacity temporarily. The dental unit is immediately usable: you only need to put the plug into the wall socket. Moreover, you are totally free to fit out your practice or extra surgery the way you want. Almost any space will do.

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Choose for 31 years’ expertise

The DSA Smart Dental Units have been a household word in the dental world for 31 years. The introduction of the design in 1993 caused a small dental landslide at the time. Today the innovative stand-alone design is conquering the world. More and more dentists and surgeries choose for the reliability, quality, flexibility and cost control of DSA.

Excellent service

We provide complete delivery of the practice equipment at the dentist’s practice, including assembly and installation. Additionally, your equipment is maintained every year to prevent unexpected surprises. During this maintenance check-up a replacing device is provided. Personal advice about practice equipment for dentists? Contact us or visit our showroom!

Handmade in Holland

Quality and ease. Safety and patient comfort. Flexibility and cost-efficiency. These are the leading principles in the development of the DSA Smart Dental Units. It is an entirely Dutch design, which is a success worldwide. DSA Smart Dental Units set the standard for stand-alone dental units for professional dentist’s surgeries. We proudly present to you the DSA Smart Dental Units.

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