DSA 3000

DSA 3000

The sleek design of the power column with its whip-arm will be the eye-catcher of your treatment room. This ergonomic 3000 unit is the solution for four-handed dentistry and it works on a stand-alone basis, just like all our other DSA units.
DSA 3000

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DSA 3000: Top Efficiency

The sleek design of the housing and the whip arm is the eye-catcher of your treatment room and gives a professional look. This ergonomic 3000 unit is the solution for the dental team and four-handed dentistry and works completely autonomously, just like the other DSA units.
You will work very comfortably with the DSA 3000. The balanced whip arms can be adjusted to the weight of each instrument, creating a lifting effect of its own weight without traction.
The DSA 3000 has a water supply with two reservoirs made of bacteria-resistant plastic. Do you want to use different liquids for your procedure? That's possible. In addition, you control the quality of the water yourself and chemical disinfection of the internal pipes is easy.
The column of the DSA 3000 can be placed on either the left or right side of the treatment chair. This positions the instrument bridge above the patient's chest and leaves plenty of space at the headrest. After the treatment, simply turn the instrument bridge in the direction of your assistant.
You can choose from multiple instrument options for the DSA 3500:
  • A UV lamp 
  • A light turbine connection 
  • A multifunctional spray from Luzanni 
  • One or two micromotors with variable speed and LED light
  • A controllable piezo scaler from EMS or Satelec. 

Of course, the DSA 3000 comes with a holder for one or two standard trays. If desired, you can expand the unit with a peristaltic fluid pump for sterile treatments. Do you need extra power with the DSA 3000 to connect external devices? The column of this unit is designed with sufficient space for a second air source, providing ample air for every external device.


DSA Treatment Concept

You can fully customize your DSA treatment concept to your liking. Combine your DSA 3000 treatment unit with a chair, lamp, mobile cabinets, and a suction device for a custom DSA treatment concept. You choose how you want to work: from which position and with which instruments.


Dental Stand Alone: One Power Outlet is Enough

The 3000 treatment unit, like all other DSA units, works autonomously, so no pipes need to be installed for this unit either. DSA eliminates the need for piping. This simplifies the layout of your practice, increases your operational reliability (especially for multiple-room practices), and provides significant savings.
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