DSA BioClean

DSA BioClean - the environmental friendly solution for Dental Unit water safety

Tested best by ACTA
Dental unit waterlines (DUWLs) are universally prone to microbial biofilm contamination resulting in contaminated DUWL output water. Legionella and other pathogenic bacteria may be released from this biofilm and consequently represent an infectious risk to both dental patients and staff. Of particular concern are the respiratory disease causing bacteria such as legionella, mycobacterium and pseudomonas species.
In July 2020, ACTA published a scientific study showing that the active ingredient Anoxyl® from BioClean offers by far the best results in cleaning dental treatment units and thus guarantees good water quality in your treatment unit. BioClean has the exclusive right to use Anoxyl® and is therefore the only cleaning fluid that has been tested by ACTA as the best possible means.
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This is essential to have

Dental Unit Waterlines (DUWL) can be contaminated by microbes coming from three different sources:
  • Incoming mains water which is a possible source of waterborne bacteria
  • Suck-back of oral bacteria via the dental handpiece.
  • From hands and the surgery environment during filling and handling of the self-contained water bottles.
Next to membrane filtration to secure the quality of the incoming water it is essential to have a DUWL cleaning scheme in place. Hydrogen peroxide-containing products and electrochemically activated solutions are considered to be the most consistently effective.

DSA BioClean

Normally anodic oxidation generated solutions are being associated with Sodium Hypochlorite (NaOCl), known for its corrosivity, toxicity and carcinogenicity. DSA BioClean is the first cleaning solution available that is:
  • Non corrosive (pH neutral)
  • Non toxic
  • Non carcinogenic (No Trihalomethanes)
  • 100% effective against micro-organisms

How it works

By means of an Ecapro® system “hypochlorous acid” and “OCL-“ is being created. The hypochlorous acid (HOCl, being electrical neutral) and hypochlorite ions (OCL-, being electrical negative) together form free chlorine. The solution is pH neutral and ensure a thorough disinfection. The pH neutrality prevents organic material transmuting in trihalomethanes.
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